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Strategic Technology Procurement Secrets

Did you know that 54% of Technology spend occurs in Oct, Nov, and Dec? Learn how you can efficiently utilize data to your advantage. Like Kelly Blue Book for auto purchases, PAAS provides data to ensure the best optimal pricing/terms for technology negotiations.

In this interactive discussion, you will learn strategic tactics to put your company in a position to negotiate effectively. Join industry experts, Dave Krigger, Eric Cunningham, and Russ Ross in this Q&A session to learn their tribal knowledge and how they are saving clients 15-30% on technology spend.

CFO Huddle – Using Strategic Sourcing to Generate 20%+ EBITDA

CFOs are calling an audible and focusing on increasing EBITDA by reducing unneeded spend. This Huddle, specifically for CFO’s, is a brief collaborative discussion about ways to reduce spend without impacting the business.

CFO of PAAS Advisors, Gary Ritacco and Partner of SAG, Serge Milman, discuss strategies to reduce spend and increase EBITDA.

CIO Huddle

Today, CIOs are a critical player in keeping the business running, as well as looking for ways to cut costs and reduce spend. Jim Shaw, CIO at PAAS Advisors, covers four areas where cost cutting can take place within technology spend.

CPO Huddle

The number one priority for procurement teams is to reduce spend while increasing value. The largest and fastest growing indirect spend category is technology. What savings initiatives have you found to focus on? That can be a difficult question. PAAS Advisors and Chief Procurement Officer Dave Krigger host a “CPO Huddle” to talk about this exact issue. We discuss:

  • Augmented Analytics and how machine learning can enhance your ability to find the best market pricing for your technology spend.
  • Actionable insights to plug out-of-control spending leaks across your enterprise.
  • High-intensity technology agreement negotiations and how to create win-win relationships with technology providers.
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